What is XRP (ripple) and why it might change the banking industry

If you're not sure what XRP is and what makes it so special, you have arrived at the right place. To begin with, the popular wisdom has it that  Ripple is a blockchain based cryptocurrency, and that's hardly news if you know a thing or two about the world today. Things are more complicated than that actually: Ripple is more than a cryptocurrency. [...]

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The Journey and Passion of Two Social Studies

Learning to teach is not enough, future teachers also need to learn how to learn (Dembo, 2001). At this era of accountability, high-stakes teaching, Common Core [...]

Development and Triumph of Self-Regulation

Self-regulation of learning is not only a contemporary theory explaining acquisition, process, and development of motivation, knowledge, beliefs, affects, and [...]

An Interview with Dr. Dale – P2

4. Mentoring is a relatively new area of research in education. Do you think the four developmental levels (observation, emulation, self- control, and self-regulation) [...]

An Interview with Dr. Dale – P1

The following interview was conducted by Maria K. DiBenedetto, PhD, Baruch College, The City University of New York and was printed in the Winter 2012 Newsletter for the [...]

A Shared Responsibility of All Human Agents

Educational psychology does not have the monopoly on research related to self-regulation. In fact, the proliferation of self-regulation research outside of educational [...]

Self-regulation of Learning and Self-Efficacy for Teaching

My education at Queens College, both undergraduate and graduate, has given me many different tools to apply to my career as a teacher. However, none has been more [...]

There’s no Self-Regulated Learning Strategy

Several advances in technology and help seeking will soon be available in an upcoming edited volume (Karabenick & Puustinen, Information Age Publishing). For example, [...]

Help Seeking as a Self-Regulated Learning Strategy

While seeking help can be an act of dependency, as once categorically considered, theory and evidence have resulted in the contemporary view that highlights its potential [...]